Happy birthday to me! A present for you!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Well, it's coming up on my birthday this weekend, and I wanted to celebrate by giving away a present.

Why you ask? Well, simply because you guys rock.
And I feel lucky. 

And this year I want to try and concentrate on what I do have, instead of what I don't.
The holidays are upon us and everyone disappears this time of year... which used to bum me out. 

But then I realized that everyone and everything I need is right here.
And I feel grateful.

So I want to offer you guys a chance to win something that makes me very happy. 

What else? A spectacular vintage find...
This black vintage clutch is just the right size to fit your phone, wallet & makeup goodies.

And the worn-in buttery leather makes it a classic keeper.

To be eligible for drawing:
  1. Become a follower of November Grey and leave a comment ~ (if you are already a follower, let me know!)
  2. Simply tell me what your favorite birthday memory is. 
(Remember to leave your contact details here or at novembergreyonline{at}gmail{dot}com)

Open to international submissions
Contest ends 12/20/10 at 10pm PST
Winner will be drawn randomly & announced on Christmas Eve!

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  1. My favorite birthday memory was going to NYC for my 16th birthday. I was in a typical angsty teenage space where I thought I'd never really be able to fulfill my dreams because I was 16 and from a small town. I entered that airport alone scared and anxious. Getting off the plane in the big apple however my life truly changed. The buzz and the excitement filled my body and I knew it was not only going to be a great birthday but a life full of possibility!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Small Town Ramblings Tumblr

  2. Oh, Kayla... I love that memory. Thanks so much for sharing. xx

  3. aw such a sweet idea, i am already following you! my best birthday memory was when i was six and my parents woke me up really early and had left a trail of beanie babies all the way down the stairs that led to a dolls house :) childish i know




  4. Becky-May! Childhood memories are the best and so magical...I try to hold on to that feeling as much as possible, and recreate it for my little girl whenever I can. xx

  5. Great bag:)
    So I am a follower via google friend and love your blog!

    umm, lets see. I am SO bad at remembering things from childhood....so I will go with....6 days before my 30th birthday I received the best gift that money can't buy...my lil man. So for my monumental 30th, while most celebrate with fancy party dresses and glasses of expensive champagne, I was just getting home from the hospital...changing diapers, not sleeping, burping, feeding....and staring into those (mostly shut) eyes thinking that this is what everyone was talking about......Best birthday ever:)

  6. great giveaway hon! Have a fab birthday this weekend!! xoxo

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys. And Carly - you just made me cry! It's better than anything else. xx

  8. I'm a follower. :)

    And my best birthday memory has to be when my now husband gifted me an iPod with "Will you marry me?" engraved on the back and a ready-made playlist of love songs. Oh yeah, and then there was the ring . . .

    Have a beautiful birthday weekend!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!
    That is truly a lovely bag!!
    Of course I am a follower, as you already must have noticed with all the comments!!
    My birthday is actually on Christmas day... the 25th... It would be a lie if I said it was easy growing up... mostly because on christmas day you can be sure that nobody can come celebrate with you. When I was really young I would through a fit because I was the only one who had to go to church on her birthday hahaha
    But on my 18th birthday, my parents really made an effort and invited 8 of my closest friends for lunch, I can´t tell you how humbled I was that they had all found the time to come.... and I have the most hilarious memories of us at the chinese restaurant (it is the only thing open on the 25th where I am from), and there was lots of singing in chinese and lots of champagne.

  10. When I was very little, probably just turning 6 or so, I had a family birthday party in the backyard of my house. I recieved a package of undies with some sort of Disney character plastered all over it. I loved it so much that I took my current ones off, ripped them out of the bag, and put them on - in front of my entire family! I've never been one to hide anything since.

    Following via GFC, and happy birthday! Take some time to enjoy yourself.

  11. Happy Birthday November Grey:)

    I am a follower of your most pleasurable blog:)

    Oh! I have 2 hard to pick between them, but I will pick this one

    When I was turning 8 my Grammy Lucy, who always baked my birthday cakes and decorated them in the most fun ways. No molds for Grammy Lucy she broke the mold. She would always scold me about getting into her jewelry box but I just couldn't help the lure of it. I was so so fixated on this pearl and ruby ring she had. I was sure it was made for little girls. It was smaller and more petite than her other rings and I could wear it on my middle finger. I dreamed about it day n night and always was told to stay out of her room and away from her jewelry box the moment I came through her door.

    Well on my 8th birthday, as I was eating my special slice of birthday cake made just for me, I noticed something in the cake. Low and behold my Grammy Lucy found a sure fire way to keep me away from her jewelry box. She had wrapped it in tinfoil and baked it into the cake for me to find! I was a really happy birthday girl that day! But after that I still would get into Grammy Lucy's jewelry box.


  12. have a wonderful bday! great giveaway! my fave bday memory is going to a coldplay concert as my present!
    already a follower

  13. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a great giveaway too, so sweet of you to GIVE something on your birthday! My favorite birthday memory is hard to decide upon. All of my childhood ones were pretty decent but my 18th really stands out to me. I graduated high school the night before and partied the night away with my good friends, slept in a sleeping bag on the front yard of the school and had a great time. Hope yours is spectacular!

  14. I am so humbled and touched by your best memories. It's truly such a great birthday gift to me, to read about these amazing moments in your lives!

    Chiara - I will never complain about a Dec 19th bday again! Xmas day must have been tough! But I love the Chinese Restaurant image!

    Aimee - I just laughed out loud.

    Frozen Fashion - Hands down, one of the best stories about a grammy ever. I hope you still have that ring.

    Fashion Ice - Love me some Coldplay! Great way to celebrate!


  15. Meagan from Mo Pie, Please - What an epic way to turn into an adult! And thank you for the ALL CAPS birthday wishes. haha.. You guys are making me smile so big.

  16. Happy upcoming b-day. Such cool cover photo by the way.
    I am already a follower.
    When I was younger my aunt used to go all out planning my b-day parties. One year she dressed as a clown. One year she made hand made tiaras for all the boys and the girls. She was amazing. When I think of b-days I always remember those years and her.

  17. I'd looooove to get this! and this is so crazy b/c I did something similar and it is my birthday today.
    great minds think alike (:

    and I'm a follower (:

  18. I'm already following you!

    I have too many birthday memories to pick just one! But one of my favorites was my 16th birthday in which I had a huge celebration. I am a total foodie and love to cook, and so my mom had everyone bring their favorite recipe with them and presented it to me in a beautiful book!

    Have a wonderful holiday <3

  19. I am a follower.

    My favorite birthday memory? Gosh! Which one? I'm going with number 10. I had spied a HUGE barbie doll house the Christmas before my birthday. I wanted it sooo bad. But I figured it was too expensive and too big for our little house. But May came around and I was floored! My mom even caught my utter surprise on camera. A picture is worth a thousand words. But I was speechless!

  20. My birthday is in May and my childhood birthdays were often spent having parties in our garden, one of my favourite memories was having a joint party with my best friend one year, playing games outside and sharing a huge pink glittery cake shaped like a castle which her mum had made.

  21. Happy Birthday!!

    My favorite birthday memory... my mum used to surprise me in the morning with a big flower bouquet when she came home from work.. I opened the door and there she was :)

    I am also a follower..

    Enjoy your birthday!

  22. happy birthday! hope you're having a wonderful weekend celebrating.

    i already follow you on bloglovin' :)

    favorite birthday memory: my 19th. (i'm now 23.) all of my friends from different groups, my sister and cousin were there. i don't remember another birthday where it had everybody i love in one room!


  23. That clutch is divine! And happy birthday to you!

    I think my favorite bday memory is when my friend (who soon after turned into my lover) showed up at my front door with a handful of poppies (my favorite) that he picked. He then took me to get my palm read by a gypsy fortune teller that had raised rabbits to make yarn from their fur. We played with over a dozen bunnies in a pen for most of the afternoon, in the gypsies' living room, drinking tea and eating salt water taffy we stored in our pockets, waiting to get our fortunes read.


  24. Happy Birthday!!!! :)
    I'm your follower for ever! ;)
    ..maybe...my 16th - my best friend from high school woke me up with birthday song and cake&candle, then she gave me book about Paul McCartney (i love him :D)

  25. Happy Birthday! I love your blog & follow you on Bloglovin. Nice vintage bag too. One of my favorite birthday memories takes me way back to my 13th. I was in that awkward phase that a lot of girls go thru (wanting to be more grown up, but still very much a child; wanting to be a girl, but also wanting to be a tomboy); anyway, I remember begging my mom to make me a "wedding cake" for my birthday party. While begging didn't work on my momma, it sure did on my dear, sweet grandma! Lo and behold on my 13th birthday, grandma had made me the prettiest 3-tier wedding cake with bright pink icing! I was finding my way to becoming a young GIRL and have been girly girly since - - some um, 35 years later!!!!

  26. happy birthday girl! so excited about the giveaway!

    some of my favorite birthday memories are of my two sister, our two friends, and i dressing up like persian princesses and taking pictures and dancing around. lighthearted and fun! =)


  27. My favourite birthday memory is when my girlfriends from all Germany came together and surprised me. I had no idea they will come to celebrate my birthday with me and we had such an amazing weekend!

    I´m a follower on Bloglovin´and I´d sooo love to win this beautiful clutch!

    Have a beautiful week!

    Times Like Mine

  28. That vintage find black clutch is AMAZING!!!

    Liesl :)

  29. Love your photography in these. The stockings are great. Really like the first pic!


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