L.A. Rain/Closet Inspiration

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So what do you do on a rainy day when you're stuck inside staring at a house full of unwrapped gifts, freshly washed vintage clothing and 2011 staring you right in the face?
Why... organize, of course! So, OK... the image above is the things that fairy tales are made of. Could you just die to live inside there? Ya, me too.
But a little more my space and speed is this INSANE DIY from fellow blogger Love Aesthetics. I'm a little bit obsessed with her.
She created a clothing rack out of a branch, people! See her entire tutorial here.
I'm also loving the idea of splashing your inspiration board all over your walls or closet doors as seen here .
But because marriage is about compromise (blah, blah...)

I will spare my very minimalistic husband the agony and settle for the below organization inspiration inside our hall closet.
Maybe some pictures splattered on the inside? xx


  1. OMG i wish my closet looked like these!

  2. I love the closing rack ;)))

  3. Tan,
    Can you come to my house and organize my closets, too, Please? Thank you.

  4. Oh yes you can pop pictures behind the shoes. Maybe similiar to a border plus give it the effect of a film negative stretched out.... maybe!

    Thanks for the inspiration to dream away this snowy day:)


  5. Oh my God that first picture is going to haunt my dreams forever, or until I get a closet like that! :D



  6. Amazing! I want a wardrobe like this.

  7. I love every single one of these! Your shoe storage is pretty impressive!

  8. Nothing is better than to reorganize in bad weather. These pictures are such good inspiration:-) Thank you!

  9. I'm such an anal person so this works for me! :) I thought it was a plastic curved rod at first. I would use the branch but the paint will surely peel off after a while so I don't know.

    You fooled me. I thought the first one was your closet and I had to gasp! :)) It's a beauty! :)

    I'm so anal. I love this!

  10. Love the branch idea! I just put a ton of fashion photos all over my closet doors! :)


  11. OMG...this post is amazing! I don't know if I should be ashamed of this or not, but I can't wait to get my own house so I can design my closet. My favorite closet is Mariah Carey's from MTV cribs. Thanks for visiting my blog and I will have more DIY posts up for my DIY readers, like yourself.

    Have a great New Year,

  12. I would love it if my closet looked like a boutique with branch clothing racks and picture inspiration. Great post.

  13. Perfectly timed, as tomorrow is my day to tackle my closet. I have a suspicion it won't turn out like this but I can dream nonetheless.

  14. oh how i wish my closet was this organized :)

  15. this is making me want to run out and organize my life! lovvve the branch idea i must check out her blog :) xo


  16. OK, at first I thought that was your bedroom photo and was soooo jealous. That really is a pretty bedroom. I love the idea of inspiration photos on closet walls. Except my walk-in closet has no open walls. Now I am going to go upstairs and think where I can pin my photos.
    I love organizing my close. I attact at least one section of some family member's clost once a month. But then again. I am an organize freak. It is a problem I admit.

  17. OMG, amazing inspiration! I too have been on an organizing rampage lately...I absolutely cannot clean without organizing as well. The first picture is so beautiful....part of my room I'm working on a French theme for, and that photo just looks so perfect! Also, the photo with the closet with the magazine ads on I literally have saved on my computer. It's labeled "Dream closet"...I kid you not.

    - Halie

  18. Oh I am so in need of some closet organization! How fabulous!

  19. The clothing rack branch is great!!
    My closet could use a little revamping! This has been an ongoing project for me!

  20. Omg that branch....amazing!

    cant we ever have enough shoes????



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