Favorite Presents

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's been sunny once again in Southern California, and while the rest of the world would slap me upside the head for complaining...

The hubs and I feel a little nostalgic (if not downright jealous) of all the snow NY has seen these past few days.
I'll admit is has been nice and gave us an excuse to get our blood pumping after several days inside our cocoon of a home.
Now you know I'm a lover of all things vintage, but it's also quite fun to be gifted the new.
Including  this American Apparel jumper and bag

The best (just been flushed by love) blush called Orgasm by Nars

And some gorgeous Emporio Armani lace boy shorts 
(Not seen, but wearing them!)
What have been some of your favorite gifts this year, lovelies?
OK... back into my cocoon! xx


  1. Love the sweater and the shades! My fav. gift this year is my new camera! The better to take blog photos with!!


  2. You & your outfit are absolutely stunning. I have that blush and wear it daily. you got some great presents.

  3. You're just gorgeous! I love your laid back look and that sweater looks so comfy. I got a couple gorgeous sweaters from husband, as camera for vacations and a criket (a scrapbookers dream!).

  4. Don't be jealous...stuck in my house...4 feet of snow and not a plow in sight! Major cabin fever.
    All I want to do is go out and spend all my giftcards:)
    favorite gift... pair of Louboutins that will hit the pavement for the first time on New Years Eve!

  5. love that jumper it looks so comfy!

  6. Love the sunglasses!
    My favourite gifts are all displayed on my blog, if you like to see them! :)



  7. Ooooh, my Jessica Simpson Dany platforms. I have been lusting after them FOREVER.


  8. Terrific Photo Shoot! You look uber cool! love!

    My favourite present I is a toss up, I got a great black sequined over sized t shirt. Also I received as a total complete surprise just before christmas day a flip camera. My husband thought I could use it for my blogging adventures! I had never thought of anything like that...

    Gotta love our husbands sometimes eh!

    Enjoy your lovely cozy Cocoon darling:)


  9. you look great. love the boots and the sunglasses

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  10. Aaawww so glad you got some spoiling this Christmas:). I love your sweater - I can see that one becoming a staple for years and your shades are out of this world!!! xoxo

  11. Love the sunglasses! :) And I'd be jealous of the snow too, but I live in Minnesota! Haha so we got plenty!

    My favorite gift was a dress my mom surprised me with and some sparkley leggings! :)


  12. cute outfit! love the sweater and boots! x Raman


  13. I got an AMAZING vintage style purse and handbag for Christmas! I just did a post on them, you should come check it out!!



  14. I think only people from southern CA will understand the jealousy of snow. We actually go look for snow on Friday as our kids have only seen photos of it in books. It is like kids that have never seen the ocean from midwest.
    My fave gifts this year were my brazilian blow out and my new SLR camera. :)

  15. This is what I got for Christmas:

    I'm excited about them, but really it's so much more fun & exciting to give gifts to my little ones. They are old enough now that they really get excited about Christmas. It's thrilling to watch them open the special things we picked out for them. :)


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