Palm Springs and VH1

Monday, January 17, 2011

Have a gig in Palm Springs as you read this, and spent the weekend prepping wardrobe wise for what is most definitely vague territory.
I'll be interviewing a certain celeb, and wearing some of my fave vintage gear in the process, while VH1 films the entire thing. (I can't give too many deets yet, but I promise they'll come!)
Being my own stylist and helping other lovely ladies find and wear their best gear is something I live and die for...
But when the reality cam is watching our every moment and production begins at 4:30AM (yes, you heard me right) and there is so much to do, and several days of changes...
Well, my entire house ends up looking a little something like this.
God bless the amazing man in my life for putting up with this madness. But luckily, once the wardrobe chaos settles and narrows down a bit, I've come up with a pretty good system for organizing my looks.
It's sort of like a clothing and accessory explosion until I finally make my choices (and once I've tried on about everything in my closet!)
One of the best tricks I've learned from set is to plan every look from head to toe, and organize the accessories together with their corresponding outfit when packing.

I use little ziplock bags to hang them on the hanger. Easy!
It definitely makes it less stressful when getting ready, as you don't have to think about it. I sometimes even pin a ripped out magazine tear for inspiration. I not only do this for shoots, but for all packing in general. (I promise, it helps!)

Have a fantastic week and check back in for deets and road trip photos!

Jacket & belt - vintage
Tank - H&M
Shorts - random boutique on Main Street


  1. Love this post..
    I use the SAME trick (poking through the bag to put on the hanger) when styling for fashion shows (that is my area of expertise) - Don't underestimate the power of a ziplock baggie is my motto!
    Can't wait to hear more details!sounds very exciting!C

  2. The shorts!! Are amazing!!


  3. that is so awesome! and i love the jean jacket1 i wish i could wear an outfit like this outside this time of year over here! xx

  4. Amazing outfit and lovely pics! <33

  5. Those are great tips!
    Can't wait to hear more.
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  6. very nice dress ;;))

  7. i am SO jealous that you can wear shorts right now. plus, they are some of the cutest shorts i've ever seen!

    so excited to hear about your fun trip and all of the juicy details! :) xoxoxo

  8. I love those cute.. I can't wait to hear about your newest adventure!


  9. Lovely dear!

    *my new space:

  10. You are so elegant and beautiful. Here is an award perfect for your blog:

  11. I would DIE to shop in your closet! & those shorts are UHmazing. good luck! xo


  12. I know you're going to style the best vintage outfits! Those shorts are to die for.

  13. Best of luck. Can't wait for the update. You've inspired me to finally get back my pre-business figure.

  14. Great look! I agree putting your outfits together with all of the accessories ahead of time makes it so less stressful!

    Be sure to come and enter my Gorgeous Giveaway from will love it!


    Art by Karena

  15. Your new adventure sounds so exciting! And I love the idea of baggy-ing your accessories for each outfit. I'll definitely have to try that out very soon!

    P.S. good luck with 4:30am. Ouch.

  16. Your outfit makes me long for summer!!! Great jacket!!!

  17. nice to know your blog :)like your jacket :)

  18. Those shorts are SO freakin' cute! I want a pair.

  19. I love your shorts!! And now I know how to pack my accessories when I go on trips! xoxoxoo

  20. The ziplock bags are a genius idea. I'm definitely going to use that for my next shoot.

  21. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your shorts! so cute =)
    This was a great post, i enjoyed it!
    ~&thanks for commenting the advice on my blog :))


  22. lovely shorts and jacket! very chic!xx

  23. This sounds like an amazing opportunity! I can't wait to hear more about it. Wow! I'm impressed. If it makes you feel any better, my house looks like that all the time. So does my studio. Aaaaahhhhh!!!! ;)


  24. How exciting!! I can't wait to hear more!

  25. love the outfit...sounds like such a fun trip! can't wait to hear more!



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