Seven Random Things

Friday, January 14, 2011

I got this idea from a blog award that floats around, and when I was given the award a few times this past month, I thought it was time to play along.

Seven Random Things
(Stylish blogger Award)
1) I always say I'm from Arizona, but I was born in San Diego and have lived in L.A. for the past 14 years. So as reluctant as I am to call myself a "California Girl" I suppose that it's true.
2) I've been an actress for a really long time (since I was a kid in AZ), and some of my films can be seen running on cable. My favorite was an action film where I played a demon slaying heroine!  A film I did a couple of years ago is about to be released, which is weird because I feel like I've had a whole lifetime apart from acting lately.
3) I used to be really blonde.
4) The best thing I ever did was become a mom. My daughter is the best, most beautiful thing in my world, and looks just like the man I'm madly in love with.  It's put my entire life into perspective. My relationships and friendships, my career and goals... (Update: And now I have a son too! How lucky can one girl get?)
5) I come from a family of seven, and have three amazingly talented sisters. One is a singer/songwriter and the other two (twins!) also work in the entertainment biz doing hair and makeup.The girls are the crazy artists in the family, while my brothers are all quite sane and clinical. (One is actually a clinical psychologist.)
6) I started this blog because a friend of my sisters (blondie pictured below) told me she loved my style and would read it every day. (I had never read a single blog up until that point) It's been an incredible artistic outlet (and journey!) and I'm so glad she convinced me to do so.
7) I became obsessed with vintage fashion way before it was cool. We didn't have a lot of money when I was young (hello 7 kids!) so we did a lot of our clothes shopping at thrift stores. I would spend all night looking through magazines and ripping out pages, then I would try to find it, style it, and make it work via thrift. Now it's become a sport, bonding time with my sisters and closest friends, and an irreplaceable passion in styling and all fashion related ventures.  I can never pass a thrift store window without popping in!

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me. I love sharing with you guys! xx