What to wear to a Baby Shower

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Over the weekend I attended the most lovely baby shower. It seems an unlikely spot to celebrate on Sunset Blvd. in the heart of Hollywood, but somehow it was just perfect. 
With this spectacular weather we've been having in L.A., it was the warm sun on our faces, and the view overlooking the city, that had us sighing just about as much as the mom-to-be's adorable belly. 

I got this twirl inducing skirt last fall in anticipation of the oncoming brights of spring.  (Also worn here) I know you must think I'm exaggerating when I declare my $1.00 finds - but this too was one of them. 
It was the perfect day to wear it and the whole outfit just felt feminine and happy (not unlike what a baby shower should be!)
This vintage shirt was a gift for my birthday from one of my best friends (does she know me well, or what?) and I didn't think I could wear it tucked in until I tried it with one of my favorite, worn-in leather belts. 
These Stuart Weitzman's could possibly be the best shoe investment I ever made. They go with everything.
I arrived home contemplating life and love and the entire glorious, beautiful process of it all... then snuggled up tightly to my own little one, feeling just lucky enough.

For Jenny ~ 
So incredibly happy for you. xx