Mexico Blue. A wedding story

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shot one: (And many more to come!)
I was floating somewhere in Isla Mujeres, just off the coast of Cancun in Mexico.

I'm so happy to be back (sometimes a little time away is all you need to appreciate your home, am I right?)  But I can't tell you how therapeutic and wonderful this trip was. Mainly because it was the first time since I got married in Mexico myself (and since my precious daughter was born!) that I spent some much needed time alone with the hubs. 
We honestly considered it our second or "real" honeymoon because ours turned out to be a total disaster. (Our rented honeymoon home was broken into and we were robbed of everything but our love for one another.) But that's another story for another time...
This story is about my darling friend and her amazing Mexico love journey. We not only attended the wedding, but I had the pleasure of styling this big event week and I was so honored to be a part of it. 

We had several months of planning and shopping to do and whilst I adore styling on the funk and frugal side, this particular gig needed to be just right. 
When we found this shot of the luminous Eva Mendes, we knew it was the perfect inspiration. My buddy bride-to-be based much of her wedding look around this glamorous shot.  (I can't wait to show you her pictures of the big day!)
I also found this tear sheet and just fell absolutely in love with the entire boho, travel-fabulous vibe of it.  Can't you just feel it calling to you? Get me on vacation, stat!!
(Sigh) Mexico Blue... and all that surrounded us... somehow took me full circle... 

As I breathed in the salty air, lounged on the beach, and tapped my tanned finger to the sweet lullabies that Alexi Murdoch whispered in my ear (the same album I listened to when I gave birth to my daughter)... I could't help but think of dreams, past single girl schemes, and who I used to be before I was a bride... how the tides have changed and everything is inexplicably different.

For Jenni.  (And for all my single ladies out there...)
You will. 

With love, 

T xx

2&3 - Our wedding by Karri Bowman photography
4 - Getty Images
5 - Unknown source 
6&7 - via WeHeartIt


  1. Wow what a powerful post. Love all the love and inspiration that's pouring out. Thanks so much for sharing such a special moment.

  2. These pics are all soo incredible!!! What cool styling you's soooo beautiful and I love that Eva Mendes necklace--she is always a vision! GRRREAT pics!!! Congrats!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. Wow ... beautiful pictues, and I couldn't agree with you more on that Eva Mendes shot being show-stoppingly beautiful. Can't wait to see how that translated into your friend's wedding!

    (And PS - sad to hear about the break-in ... what a bummer on a honeymoon. At least you both were unharmed!)

  4. I went to mexico for my honeymoon too and think about it almost weekly - it was paradise. So glad you got a little re-do :)

    The little peek of your wedding dress intrigued me - any more photo sharing planned?!

  5. beautiful pictures and I love the poem about being a bride one day.....thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Awww, I love the walk in the sand. So pretty!

  7. This post helped me take a two minute mini vacation.

  8. Girl..that horrible story about your honeymoon.
    So happy that you got a redo.

    Can't wait to see your styling genius...I am sure everything was breathtakingly beautiful.

    PS...really great giveaway on my blog....75 dollar gift card to an amazing online boutique..
    you should check it out:)

  9. Just beautiful. I can't wait to see more photos of her big day.
    Sorry about the honeymoon! That sounds awful.


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