Anthropologie Love

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Usually I flip quickly through every new magazine that arrives at my door - (believe me, there are a lot of them) and it's simply because I never have the time to properly devour every issue the way I'd like to.

So I dog-ear the pages I want to rip as tear sheets before they inevitably hit the recycling bin much sooner than I'd prefer (nothing bugs the hubs like a stack of magazines sky high next to my side of the bed) so I browse, move on, and let go.

But the current issue (4, 2011) of the Anthropologie catalogue made me pause. Big time. The hair, makeup, styling, et al is perfection! I'm going to keep the entire issue as one, long inspiration book!

Makes me want to rock a faux bob, don a brightly colored pencil skirt, and go on a serious hunt for the perfect cat eye sunglasses.

What is inspiring you this week?

P.S. ~ Take a look at Secondhand Star today,
where I rock a redesigned skirt turned shift with mad crochet crushing.