Clothing Exchange!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tonight I'll be hosting a clothing exchange along with my partner at SHS, and it's pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to girl time.  (If you don't know what a clothing exchange is, go here!)

It's an awesome excuse to get together with your favorite fashion loving friends, and swap some clothes.
Have you ever had a friend who is... how do I say it... selfish with her clothes?  Maybe it's growing up one of four sisters, but sharing, giving and rotating clothing is something I've always done. It's pretty much a way of life and simply just so much fun.
Case in point: I recently premiered this thrifted flapper like number ($5.00!! - can't help but brag) here on SHS, headed to dinner with my lovely pal, then left it for her to enjoy for a while. 
When it rotated back my way (we're an extreme clothing swap case, constantly shopping, redesigning and trading clothing) I decided to try a different spin on it for a night out with the hubs.
Now, I'm not suggesting handing out all of your best, most cherished duds to all of your pals, (that's just nuts) but sharing is good, keeps your closet interesting when you don't have the dough to shop all you want, and doing a clothing exchange twice a year forces you to focus on what looks best on you, and clean out what you never wear. 
And recently this whole concept has gone blogging! Check out the latest clothing swap case herehere, and here and make sure to enter here at November Grey to win the very skirt we swapped! This chain is only going to get bigger, so let us know if you're a blogger who wants in on the game!

Dress - Thrifted
Shoes - Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms
Earrings - Forever21  
(I know I've been wearing these a lot, but I'm obsessed! They're actual woven thread in the perfect shades of muted brown. And $4.80!!)
Bangles - Thrifted & Wooden Heirloom 
Sunglasses - Vintage

Find some more of my faves here on!