Friday, May 27, 2011

Hi gals - this is me happily driving into the weekend.
It's funny because even though I tend to do design stuff on Saturdays, and the occasional Sunday styling... somehow Friday mornings always feel exhilarating. Here's hoping you have a beautiful (and long!) weekend filled with everything you love!

For more on this redesigned vintage outfit I'm wearing - go here.


  1. Your caftan is gorgeous! So proud to be mexican when I see lovelies like that, your guest post was cute!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. Beautiful photo dear!
    C s 1 9 9 3

  3. Happy weekend and love the side braid! xo

  4. you are the 16th blog since yesterday that I have thought...hmmm...why have I not seen updates from this person, even though I visit yours on my own daily...well, silly Google Friend Connect appears to have suddenly un-follwed you and apparently most of my favorite blogs, at least everyone so far! Grrrr...well, I'll show it...I'm following again! So sorry...I love you blog and now must catch back up! I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!

    Liesl :)

  5. Girls - thank you for the compliments! Cess - yes, proud to be a Latina when I wear things like this! (Well, half Latina anyway)... ;)

    And Liesl - wow! That blogger thing messed so much up! I wonder how many followers dropped off. So glad to have you back! And thanks for checking in when you didn't hear from me in a while...

    I adore you all. xx


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