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Friday, June 24, 2011

When a photographer friend asked to take some shots of my house recently, the initial thought made me cringe. (My mind raced with messy thoughts of messy toys & baby gear tucked into places that used to be clean corners of carefully placed items.) But then I realized it was a nice opportunity to savor in photographs, some of my favorite things.
This vintage mirror was a yard sale find that was floating in my family from mother-to-sisters for years. When it finally made it's rounds to me, I painted the once olive green cracked paint a crisp white. I love the way it looks against my Tiffany blue dining room walls. 

 This salvaged, vintage hutch was a purchase many, many years ago. It has seen me through my single years as a wardrobe for lacy underthings, with roommates as a storage space for cheap wine glasses (and even cheaper wine), and currently as a bookshelf for my most cherished reads. 

 There are many challenging things about living in an old Venice Beach bungalow... but having some of the original, gorgeous knobs is not one of them.

 My sweet baby girl has gotten into the habit of picking a flower for me every time she goes on a walk with daddy and the dogs. I always keep it on our window sill in the kitchen in a tiny glass from a set that was my Mother in Law's.

 These two objects perfectly embody the marriage of our lifestyle together. The hubs, a once wondering hippie who trekked through Europe back-pack style,  climbed mountain tops to "find himself" and collected a series of Buddha's along the way... And me, ever the romantic and vintage collector, stumbled upon this antique baby carriage from France on a ritualistic thrift shop and smile every time I see these two pieces together on our dresser top.

All photography by Heidi at
Design Diffuse 


  1. Gorgeous. Every time I visit you I'm struck by the beauty of the details in your home. Thanks for sharing them. They always inspire me to want to decorate more!

  2. Love this post, T! I've been meaning to do a post of home decor inside my place for awhile... I think you just convinced me that I need to get on it as soon as I return to FL!

    LOVE that mirror {and your wall paint too!}... I collect antique mirrors :)

    Have a great weekend!


    p.s. I photographed the vintage swap item! I had fun with it.. got creative... Dev should've received it by now!

  3. The pale sage walls and vintage white treasures made my eyes light up. And the thought of little Stella wandering around these rooms is too sweet for words.
    Happy weekend, friend!

  4. I think this is hands down the sweetest post I have ever read on your blog.
    Love the last little cool to have physical objects that remind you of the people you were and of the ones you have become together- LOVE THAT...and who wouldn't pick up that sweet lil vintage baby carriage...ADORABLE!!!!
    happy weekend girlie.

  5. Thanks, guys! I'm constantly wanting to update and re-do, then I look around and realize I have so much of what I love, surrounding every PERSON that I love in one tiny home... and I'm grateful.

  6. Wow, your house must be absolutely amazing. You and your husband have amazing taste. I really enjoyed the pictures.


  7. I love focusing on special trinkets or decor that either has a special meaning or story behind it. You have fabulous taste!

    Maryjane xoxo

  8. Okay, you know that by just giving us a peek, you're definitely making us want more! More home photos pretty please?!

  9. I love this! What a great idea. It's the little detailed touches that make all the difference!
    Hope you stop by and say hi!

  10. Wow! How neat! Gorgeous all the sweet details!

  11. I love the peek into your home....



  13. Pretty photos. I constantly plan to do posts on various rooms of my house too but always forget...
    As white and serene as yours is mine is probably the exact opposite with darks and colors! :)

  14. Every time we have people over I cringe because I live with a baby and two nice but nevertheless older people (they believe in practicality not aesthetics), so the house never feels as perfect as I want it to be. I'm going to start appreciating the small things like you.

    Lovely post, especially the flower in the window.

  15. You have a gorgeous home!
    And a gorgeous blog!

  16. Such a lovely post. It really is those special pieces that make a home, home (besides your loved ones who fill it!)

    xo Nadia

  17. How lucky you are to live in a bungalow in Venice!!! I once lived in a craftsman bungalow in Pasadena and LOVED it! SO charming, despite some of the modern comforts...

  18. I love your pretty vintage pieces.

  19. Your home is beautiful! I love the blue and white combo of the mirror and hutch in your dining room. Crisp, clean, and fresh! :)

  20. Hi Tanya, I adore your blog and have just followed. Your decor is beautiful, as are these pictures. Now I have yet another amazing blog to get hooked on xox Nicole


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