What I wore to an Art Show & Interview with Josh Rosenthal!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sometimes I really am impressed by how talented my friends are. Having spent the past decade in LA, surrounded by actors, artists, writers and the film and music industry elite, I sometimes forget to take a look around and see my pals with fresh eyes.
And every time I do that... I'm blown away.
I had the honor of attending a VIP preview of Josh Rosenthal's new series of work called FLOOD, benefiting Homeboy Industries (an organization that assists at-risk, formerly gang involved youth) at Bleicher Galleries in Hollywood. I got to watch my talented pal do his thing, and ask him a few questions along the way.
But what to wear to an art show? Thank goodness for the ease of Calypso Tunics. (I have to give a disclaimer here, that I work part-time for them in design, thus their recent, heavily-handed influence on my wardrobe - but I'm not complaining!) You just throw one on with some heels and you're good to go!
My bangs - still in that painful "growing out" phase, but I've been experimenting with my Jr High past and pushing them straight up, as high as my hairspray will allow, and I'm kinda diggin' it.
But back to Josh, this Australian-born looker (anybody see a young Sean Penn here?) fully encompasses what it means to be a full-blown artist. Not only is he on his way to becoming one of our generations most important painters, but he just wrapped the feature film, The Last Godfather with Harvey Keitel, where he dropped his signature Aussie accent to play Fabrizio the mobster with ease.
Not to mention, he's just an all around good guy. A family man and the coolest dad ever, he and his gorgeous wife are some of our favorite people in the world.
Read on to get an inside view on what makes Mr. Rosenthal tick...

  1. Favorite Food? Salad is my favorite food. And its the McCathur Salad from the Beverly Hills Hotel...HMMMMM!!! Just hold the bacon.
  2. Favorite Dude? Lucius Benjamin Rosenthal, my son... He embodies complete freedom, innocence and pure happiness.
  3. Favorite Mood? Sexual silliness.
  4. Last Laugh? I ALWAYS have the last laugh!.....
  5. Last Bath? Last night with my two monkeys...they LOVE taking a bath with daddy, although its kind of a pain in the ass, cramped, and I always have to be the one that gets splashed endlessly.

Special thanks to Josh for taking the time to interview for November Grey and for continuing to inspire me in my own art and aspirations.  

And ladies - check back in tomorrow guys to see how I wore this tunic casual style!

Daishiki Tunic - Calypso St Barth 
Shoes - Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms
Clutch - My Vintage Redesign
Bangles & Earrings - H&M

For more info on the talented Mr. Joshua Rosenthal, go here, and here.
To see his latest work, go here!


  1. He totally looks like Sean P! You looked stunning, loved the hair, perfect outfit for a gallery!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. Stunning!! Always perfect. Love this tunic!

  3. Nice :D!!
    Love your outfit as well!

  4. T, you are stelllarrrr in these shots... you look so fantastic! Love the dress w/ those heels, and don't get me started on your hair! Gorg!



  5. Ha...I wasn't really reading yet..just scrolling through the photos and I was like DAMN..she is interviewing Sean Penn...wtf? He really DOES look like him...especially profile.
    Anyway..seems like an amazing night...you look beautiful as always and I love your hair like that...nothing painful about it..digging it as well.
    Isn't it wonderful to support admire and be inspired by your friends...very few of mine are in fashion...BUT they are so amazing at so many different things...I am constantly grateful for them!
    Have a great week girlie.

  6. I need to stop by Calypso...the dress is too cute.

  7. beautiful outfit and wonderful photos!!i love your dress <3

  8. His work is amazing and you look great!

  9. calypso! and now my admiration and respect (and a pinch of envy) for you has reached a whole new level.

    love this interview by such a talented, charming artist. :)


  10. Gorgeous tunic!! Bangs are soo hard to grow out but I love how your styling them! x Raman


  11. wow la classe!!! this man is handsome and you are the prettiest :)


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