Sunday Finds - Monday Morning - $1 Jeans!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I'll let you in on a little secret... I have a thrifting addiction. Oh, you already knew that? Well, let's get specific here, my addiction has turned ritualistic by way of heading to my favorite thrift store every Sunday morning, where a whole slew of goodies gets marked down to $1 price tags.
Call me economical, but you can't by much for $1.00 these days. So I'm one of those crazy ladies standing outside the door, waiting for the clock to tick 10AM. I simply cannot smile big enough when I grab a score like this. 
On occasion it's simply a rad pair of jeans like these vintage inspired numbers I grabbed last week. (I'm not kidding, they were $1! And seeing as though a recent obsession of mine is the Drama Wide Leg by Mother Demin, just north of a $300 price tag, I'd say I did pretty well!)
I absolutely LOVE scoring a major design piece that my partner & I can reconstruct at Secondhand Star, (see latest here & here) but sometimes it's a just a great staple that some gracious girl decided to gift me by way of donation. (Thank you girl who gave up these jeans! Truth be told, I cannot gain an OUNCE if I want to continue wearing these, but maybe that's a good thing.)
Anyway, I'll be sharing what I find every Sunday, every Monday morning! (Now get your own butt to your local thrift store!)

And now for the goods I found yesterday... Two awesome necklaces:
I usually don't allow myself to go near anything over $1. On occasion I stray. This silver circle chain beauty had me out $2 bucks & I was thrilled because I've been on the hunt for major statement necklaces lately.
This wrap tassel chain was found at a yard sale on my drive back from the thrift store (see? addiction!) I love it. It can be tripled up, hung long & low, layered with other pieces, or worn as a belt - a buck!

These two blouses were each marked down to $1. The white linen is a Max Studio stunner in mint condition & will transition perfectly from Summer to Fall...
The gorgeous royal blue vintage blouse has me imagining fitted pencil skirts and secretary glasses for my next interview/event hosting gig... So while these babies get cleaned up at the dry cleaner, I'll try to curb my addiction til next week.