Sunday Finds - Monday Morning - Blu on Blu $1 hue!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I found this blouse last week at Out of the Closet for a buck. (See post here!) I thought I might tuck it into one of my favorite silhouettes - the ever classic pencil skirt, but the more I played around with it, the long and loose fabric begged to be belted over something slim.
 I couldn't resist going blue on blue with jeans, purse and belt.
A couple pops of red and a statement necklace... (Recognize this thrift score from the same day?) and I was good to go.
I've been lusting after delicate and pointy heels  - so when I found these F21 babies on clearance a few months back (if memory serves me right... around $7?) I was happy. (But still sad about these!)
An entire outfit for around 25 bucks. (The jeans were via resale at Crossroads Trading CO.)
 And now I'm off to sort through my latest finds!

Yesterday's scores: 

Hot Pink Sheath ~ $4.00! How exciting that brights are going to be transitioning into Fall! This gorgeous hot pink sheath is going to be perfection, once I have it hemmed a tad, and belt it the waist. (Bonus! ~ the darling little button that looks like a broach.)

Bright Blue Blazer ~ $1.00! It seems that this vibrant blue hue is my lucky color lately, because I scored this vintage (Sasson!) bright blue blazer on the $1 rack. It's a tad too big, so I'm going to have my ever talented partner at Secondhand Star take it in at the sides, but leave the length. I'll just cuff the sleeves! 

Braided Rope Sweater ~ $3.00! I was super thrilled to find this chunky knit. It's everything I've been wanting! I'll pair it with denim shorts or throw it over my summer dresses in the oncoming cooler nights, and pair it with flared vintage jeans this winter.

Belt ~ $2.00! And finally this super cute pale pink neutral belt with the coolest threading detail. Bonus! ~ It can be worn at my waist or hips!

Have an awesome week, guys. I'd love to hear about your fashion scores! xx


  1. Love your outfit :D
    And so your new items!

  2. No way! One dollar for that amazing blazer, geez you are lucky! Love your cobalt blue shirt, looks perfect with the red accents!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. That blazer that you've found is fabulous.

    C x

  4. I am insanely jealous over your new blue blazer for a whopping $1!!!! I want one too, I think I'm addicted to colorful blazers now. I want green too!

    BTW, thank you for the tip on getting the pink blazer tailored. I'm thinking about it but have only used a tailor ONCE! Can you believe it? So I will get some recs for a good one in my area.

  5. Love the total blue outfit, it's so cute. Great finds this week, looking forward to see you styling that clothes.

  6. Wow these are some amazing finds. I am jealous. That blue blazer and the sweater are just perfect. And sooo cheap. I must be going to the wrong thrift stores as they never have this low price tags.

  7. That blue shirt is stunning! i soooo want one, the thrifting in NZ is horrible im super jealous of all your new finds :(

  8. I'm always weary of wearing blue with blue jeans (we used to make fun of this combo in school). Now I know it can look good. Thanks for the inspiration, you really make me challenge myself, fashion wise.

  9. Are you kidding me? That blue blaze-ah was a dollah? Holla!

    Fantastic finds g-fren!


  10. That blouse is wonderful! It's perfect over the jeans too. And wow, some amazing finds!

  11. always fabulous finds girl....not nearly as thrifty as you- but I did purchase REALLY cute khaki shorts at the GAP for 9 bucks...proud of myself, lol.

    Love the look and you are officially "the girl who inspired me to wear red lipstick"


  12. Omg! I just realised I said weary instead of wary :-p

  13. nmaha - I didn't even notice! ha! I'm sure I have typos all over this blog. You're adorable. thanks for the comments. xx


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