Hairdryer Review ~ HANAair c/o Misikko + discount code!

Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm thrilled to partner up with Missiko hair products once again, this time for a hairdryer review! Now if you know me personally, you know that nothing makes me crazier than spending hours in the bathroom. Getting dressed, sure, but when it comes to my hair - the easier, the better.
I LOVE the way my hair looks with a professional blowout, (who doesn't?) but I figured I just didn't have the patience or skill to do it myself. So all too often, my go-to look is a head full of messy curls, or a top-knot bun like this.

After receiving the HANAair professional, what I realized I was really missing was a good blowdryer! I can't even tell you the difference a professional one makes. I mean, how did I actually go all this time without one? Not only does this baby get the job done in no time, it has three different heat settings, which means there's less time spent heating the hair (which causes damage) and also gets me out of the bathroom quick! Here's the result:
Trust me, a good hairdryer really makes a difference. And I highly recommend you give Hana a shot. (They have really great flat irons too! Check out my recent flat iron review here!)

Misikko is offering November Grey readers a special $10 off coupon when you spend $100 or more on any product site wide! Use code NovemberGrey 

Thanks Missiko!


  1. I used this on a client the other day! It's amazing! Her hair looked so healthy! I would recommend it to anyone! You're hair looks great!

  2. cool. i'll have to check it out. thanks for the review.

  3. You have great hair.

  4. I felt like I had a pretty good hairdryer..but after hearing your review and seeing your fabulous DO, I am thinking I might need to give this one a shot...holy awesome hair.
    Hope you had a great weekend lady.

  5. Hi Carly - seriously, a good one makes all the difference! I have a funny story about using my friends haridryer in a pinch and it sucked a chunk of my hair into the end and I had to CUT IT OUT. It's one of those things I think you need to invest in. Plus, a good blowout lasts you at least a couple of days. Hope you had a great weekend too! Great to hear from you. xx


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