Snaps from our Staycation

Thursday, April 26, 2012

As promised, some snaps from our mini staycation. It went by way too quickly, but I savored every moment.

Poolside... it was kinda gloomy and cold that day, (shakes fist at sky) but we made the most of it. And really, there's nothing better than taking a swim in a gorgeously heated pool, then having a yummy lunch delivered to your lap, is there?

Except maybe waking up to a quiet room, in a plush bed, and getting to read a fashion magazine without interruption (with eggs benedict waiting bedside...)

Even though I couldn't really partake in the champagne on ice, the strawberries and chocolate dipping sauce, and the sleepy but rested face of the man I adore, got my full attention.

Hope you find a moment to pause and take some rest very soon. xx