Cake Lingerie/Maternity Bra & Brief Review

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love being pregnant. Scratch that. I love that my body is capable of making tiny humans. The pregnancy part has never been especially easy for me. But I truly envy (and am often suspicious) of those women who claim otherwise. So it's nice, scratch that, freaking awesome to find those little pleasures that help make my personal experience a blissful one.
When the team over at Cake Lingerie sent me a goodie bag with the debut of their new maternity/nursing bra called Cotton Candy, I was ecstatic! I haven't wanted to take it off since the moment it arrived. 

I'm going to make a bold statement here: You won't find a better maternity bra out there. Period. And I tried a lot of them in my last pregnancy. This bra is heaven. Not just because it has dual function and grows with you (it supports when pregnant, then acts as a nursing bra later) but I didn't think it was even possible to have something so supportive, yet utterly cozy-comfortable at the same time! 

Support is important, ladies. Especially when you sleep at night. A good bra will help alleviate the pain and discomfort during those slumber hours, and will keep them from sagging to your knees later! And it's luxuriously soft against the skin. This is the PERFECT sleep bra.
It also has matching briefs, which are equally as cozy. I need to order about five more pairs. Not only to sleep in, but for seamless wear during the day! I had them on under a very snug dress and they were invisible. To all my pregnant ladies out there: You need, you deserve some maternity lingerie, and this is the set for you. I promise you won't want to take them off either.

As a special gift for Mother's Day - order any two Cake Lingerie bras and receive a Cotton Candy bra (the one I'm raving about) for FREE.  Check it out here! And make your orders here! xx