Vote for Bella Bene Productions ~ Win my fave BECCA lipstick!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Suppose you started out your adolescent life as a highly sought-after, high profile, model and actress, then turned your keen sense of fashion, producing and all things fabulous into your own company. Suppose that company worked with the industry's top models, celebrities, and photographers producing outrageously gorgeous stills for the likes of Vogue, Cosmopolitan & Elle (just to name a few)...
Imagining? Good. This is what it's like to be my dear friend (and personal muse) Annabel Schofield. She took her dreams, her talent, and her gusto, and created something all her own. And that something is Belle Bene Productions. And it's pretty damn inspiring, if you ask me. 

So in support of a woman taking charge of her own dreams and making them a reality, I ask that you please vote for her company Belle Bene Productions via Facebook! And as a thank you, I want you to win something glamorous and fabulous all your own... of my favorite BECCA lipstick colors 
To be eligible: 

1) Simply go to "Mission Small Business"
Log in through Facebook
Click support, vote for Belle Bene Productions
then comment back here that you did so. 
{Your comment will count as one vote}
2) For an extra entry, share it on your own page!
3) Voting and contest ends July 1st, so hurry!

And thanks for supporting! xx