Dear Stella

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It seems like only 5 minutes ago that you were this small... My tiny, chubby, yummy little baby. How does the time get away from us this way? How did you grow to be so big, so fast? I'm so proud of you already. You are kind and smart and strong and funny... and you make my heart glow and melt and burst with happiness on a daily basis. 

As the time gets closer (and closer and closer) to the arrival of your little brother, I want you to know something... you will always be special. You will always be my first. You will always be my precious little girl, no matter how big, or old, or grown-up you get. Nothing and no one will ever take my love away from you. My love will just get bigger (and bigger and bigger) to fit around the four of us. 

This I can promise you. 

Like the song I sing to you at night, the one I wrote to you when you were in my belly...

Baby Stella, baby Stella, baby Stella
She is the one
Baby Stella, baby Stella, baby Stella
We're gonna have so much fun
We're gonna laugh
We're gonna play
We're gonna sing and dance
all day
I love you
A lot right now