I wore this to dinner + Holiday Nostalgia and Birthday Wishes

Monday, December 17, 2012

Although my birthday isn't officially until Wednesday (stay tuned for an awesome giveaway post then), I was lucky enough to start celebrating over the weekend. Being a December baby, my birthday is always so closely intertwined with all the holiday celebrations, and that used to drive me nuts as a child. But now it just makes me happy. The sweet nostalgia of it all, bundled up for cold weather with warm feelings for the end of another great year. Like a pretty wrap-up to the twelve months past, all tied up in a big red bow... and the voice inside my head - you are now one year older, savor this time.

And I do. 

The twinkling Christmas lights at every restaurant, the menorah on our dining room table, the gift giving to others, the parties, the baking, the smell of a fresh tree in your house, the babies in feet pajamas, the dressing up and going out... the love and smiles of friends and family coming together and making plans... 

I could go on and on. I'm just feeling really grateful lately. 

I hope you are too.