Vegan Oat Banana Cookies

Friday, December 14, 2012

I spent the day yesterday wrapping presents, cuddling up to my little love and visiting with two of my very favorite girlfriends over very good rosé. One of my gal pal's is a serious vegan. (I mean, serious. Did you know that a true vegan doesn't even eat honey?) Anyway, I love the challenge of baking up a sweet treat for her, because in the process I usually find a pretty healthy recipe for my fam. This one is adapted from (I lowered the sugar content, added a banana & substituted coconut oil) and they turned out fantastic! 
With all the holiday gluttony surrounding us, it's sure nice to have a relatively healthy option! These are seriously yummy! Just the right amount of crunch and chewy middle. Let me know if you try them! Have a fabulous weekend, friends! 

Yeilds: 3 dozen
WW points: 2