Just chillin'

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Typical casual day gear for me ~ Jeans, chucks, tee and a vintage blazer. Unabashedly stole my husband's hat and shades too and not feeling guilty about it one bit. He may never get them back.
I was visiting my sis at her new pad she shares with four roomies, an awesome house in the hills near Pasadena. Everything is so full of art and promise and excitement... late nights with wine and girl talk and creative thoughts with creative people. It's so inspiring. Sometimes it's nice to get away and remember that I too am an artist. 
(This one here by little sis.)
I've been thinking a lot about my different roles and responsibilities, goals and gigs... ah, the many hats I must wear (something discussed in depth here) and I have to say, it feels damn good to get back to me
 Oh, ya, YOU. That girl.
Hello again.
I like you.
You're fun.
So many exciting things happening lately. Can't wait to share them all with you guys. Hope you're having a great week. Pop by tomorrow for a sexy dress giveaway!

Blazer - Vintage
Hat - Alternative
Shoes - Converse
Tee - Sober is Sexy - Available here!
(Remember when I wore it as a giant pregnant lady for that music video here ?)