Styled by Stella 2

Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's time for the second Styled by Stella! In case you missed the last one, I'm letting my three year old daughter pick my outfit for me once a week, and I promise to wear anything she chooses for the entire day. Anything. (Brave mommy!)

I got her to preschool 20 minutes late this particular morning (bad mommy!) but we had a blast picking out our clothes for the day. She actually let me dress her too. For ONCE. I suppose the artistic effort it would have taken for this little munchkin to do two outfits would have been way too much, so she saved all of her pink creativity for me.

I actually was really surprised at how much I liked the bright pink skirt with this vintage top. I hadn't worn the shirt in forever (recognize it from a popular hair post here?) and I would have never thought to put it with pink, but somehow the pairing felt fresh. I definitely would have chosen different shoes, though. Oh, my little darling... She just loves her pink. I think I'm going to hide these pumps from her next time around because I'm starting to see a pattern. And mommy does have other shoes. (Confession: I switched to flats after this photo, but stayed in the rest of the outfit for the day. I actually got compliments too!)

Stella was very serious about the the pink skirt being "the bottoms" I definitely needed for the day. It was her starting point. She was so cute in the jewelry picking part too. An entire drawer full of baubles, a stack of silver bangles and she delicately chose a pair of pink earrings (of course) and two, just two thin bracelets, instructing them to be worn on each wrist.