Tuxedo jacket for day? Why not?!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Monday, friends! I've been so busy and running around so much lately that it's been incredibly tempting to just stay in my "cozy pants", flip-flops and tee (admittedly worn to bed the night before) and rush out the door. In fact, I tried it one day and my future fashionista of a daughter wouldn't let me. She asked me why I was leaving the house in my pajamas. (Called out by a 3 year old. Oops. Nice try, mommy.)

It's true, it's not always easy to make an effort, but it's always worth it. Do it for yourself, ladies.
So let's talk tuxedo jackets. Remember when I threw it over this dress here? (By the way, the contest is still open to win the dress. Hurry!) It's a no brainer with a frock and heels, but what about over a t-shirt and jeans for day? Why not?!
It's much more pulled together, right? I believe that fashion and personal style is there to lift our spirits and make us feel good. And that can mean whatever that means to you...
Following trends, staying classic, taking risks and trying new things... as long as you make some effort. 
And then there's the purse... Total thrift score. Paloma Picasso (that's Pablo's daughter, btw) late 70's? MINT condition, white and gold perfection. I'm so in love I think I squealed when I found it.
Feels more like purchasing a sentimental piece of art than anything else.
And that's the other thing that fashion should be... an expression of your art. Translated through what you wear.
Wishing you a week full of people and things that make you feel good. xx

Tuxedo blazer - H&M
Tee - Calypso St. Barth
Chain Flats - Gap
Nail polish - Essie "Jazz"