Hello San Francisco!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Had such a lovely time in San Francisco. It was much too brief, a quick turn around trip to test for a potential fashion host job, but I did try to take it all in as much as possible while there. I had the little mini man munchkin with me, but traveled with his Godfather, one of our best friends who is seriously the best. We had so much fun. He insisted we travel to a special spot to take these photos of my boho-meets-flapper-meets-modern girl look and I'm so glad we did. Recognize those houses behind me? (Wait for it...) The opening shot from the old sitcom "Full House!" Truly a breathtaking view from this lovely park, even though it was a bit overcast that day. More to come!

Linen Dress - Calypso St. Barth
(Avail here in orange.)
Heeled Sandals - Zara
(Available in stores. Similar here!)
Chain necklaces - Thrifted
Beaded necklace - Stole from sis!