What I Wore to the Airport

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It occurred to me that unless you know me personally, or have been following along via instagram, you'd have no idea what the previous post was about. Even some of my closest friends have sent me angry emoticons accompanied by "What the hell, you were in PARIS?!" texts and I have to admit, I kept it on the DL for many reasons, one of which included the near panic attack I had while thousands of feet above ground and distanced from my babies... I'll tell the world how far away I was from them, just as soon as I'm back. 
And now I can't wait to share one of the best moments in my life with you, friends! Beginning with the beginning. What I wore to the airport.

Cashmere Sweater - Calypso St. Barth
(Doubled as a blanket on flight)
Satiny top - Forever21
(As comfy as pajamas, but with an interesting print)
Black Skinnies - Joes Jeans
(Hands-down best item packed for the entire trip. Comfy & perfectly worn so many ways!)
Chain Flats & Sunglasses - Gap

*Footnote: Remember when my hair was super long and I did the popular post Hot Rollers = Hot Hair? Works with short hair too.