3 years. 1,000 posts.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Guys, I've been contemplating and writing for the past few days, so completely frozen by the fact that this would be my one thousandth post. I've literally gone through every post I've ever written for the past few years, hoping to share my favorite looks, links, parties and recipes... but how do you sum all that up in one shot? The answer is, you don't.
Maybe I'll get there, maybe that post is on the way... but the thing I've learned from all my musings since day one around here, is to let these things happen and evolve organically. I don't want to force something anymore than you'd want to read it. So for now...  I'll just say thank you. This is the week of gratitude, after all.
With love (and 1,000 posts!!)
T xx