Styled by Stella - her version of camo and a very short hem

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I was so excited the other day when my Stella offered to style me. I'm so in love with the concept of Styled by Stella and we always have so much fun with it, but I never wanted to push it, so the posts have been sporadic at best.
I can't stop laughing at these photos because of my (seriously trying) "model face" first off, the undeniable need for a spray tan and longer hem coming in a cool, close-second, my messy bathroom that the hubs and I somehow deemed worthy of a photo shoot (really?), and wait for it…
 This little boy running into every shot.
And by run I mean chunky leg waddle.

This is also what happens when you try to photograph the outfit:
But back to Stella. She obviously loves this vintage button down (maybe it's the tiny hearts) because she has a closet full to work with and chose to feature it twice, the last time here. The blending and camouflage of colors really had me amazed. Everything is in the same color family, but in mixed-prints. I think she has an eye for sure! 

Good job, baby girl. xx

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