Travel Outfit 2 + A Thrifted Travel Find

Friday, September 2, 2011

Maybe you missed my ranting here, but our flight back from the east coast recently was awful. We were in airport hell for several hours, of which three were spent on the runway going nowhere, waiting out an electrical storm. We had to fly out again the next day, and the worst part (well, in girl terms) was that our luggage went to LA a day ahead of us, so I had only the clothes on my back and a few things stashed in my carry-on to wear less than 24 hours later. I wouldn't normally put all these things together, but it forced me to be creative. I was happy I stashed my fave thrifted find from the trip (a cool vintage belt) into my purse.

These pics crack me up because I remember being tired and pissed off, but had the hubs document it anyway to share the (now funny) story with you guys.
On a happy note, that darling  little necklace I'm wearing was my bridesmaid gift from my bff's wedding. It has my birthstone, initial, and a tiny coffee bean (inside joke) that makes me smile and laugh and tear up inside, every time I look at it.

Here's to happy traveling! And staying safely grounded in Venice for a while. xx

Jacket - Yard Sale redesign by Secondhand Star (See how the jacket came to life here)
Top - Vintage (also worn here and here)
Pants - (Haven't worn in forever - last here)
Belt - Found at Goodwill Somerville for $2 while shopping/styling w the bride!
Favorite boots - Aldo (A lot of you have been asking - so purchase similar here!)

See my original travel outfit I had to work with here!!