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Thursday, August 18, 2011

An unexpected, but pleasant surprise had me at dinner and drinks last night, in the heart of the city with one of my favorite friends in the whole world.
 With bachelorette madness behind us, and a weekend of wedding whirlwind ahead...
I was happy to steal a moment with my old LA roommate, my confidant for over a decade, and one of those best friends who just last. 
(Much like my gorgeous girlfriend here about to say her vows!)
Have a blissful weekend and remember those who have stuck by you, year after year. 

For my Martin and Jen Brown...

All photos taken on my iPhone. I'm wearing vintage red silk pants, thrifted Mexi top & Stuart Weitzman Apron Clogs.


  1. Amazing pictures, u look so pretty

  2. Hi, I love the red lipcolor and red pants that you had going on in these shots. Gorgeous :)

  3. Sounds like an awesome time - I have been to new york city once and i love it so much! i love the photos :)

  4. sounds like a brilliant night. i wish i was in NYC right now! you look gorgeous on these pics



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