Travel Hard

Monday, August 22, 2011

... It's exactly what I've been doing lately. And while I'm the first to want to jump on that plane and try something and some place new, these past nine days have nearly done me in.
I've been to a bachelorette weekend in Providence, a few days to help the bride sort the wedding madness in Boston, a (blessed) night out in NYC, a hop-skip-&-a-jump over to a campground in the-middle-of-nowhere CT for the actual ceremony, back to Yonkers with family, airport hell at JFK, and finally, finally back to our final LA/Venice Beach destination called home.  (We're probably mid-flight as you read this. Fingers crossed!)
The wedding was amazing, the girl time - even amazing-er. But now I just need my bed, my two loves, my dogs, (please, dear God, no more delayed flights) and back to business as usual. It's true - There's no place like home.

P.S. - why are there so many Dunkin Donuts back east? Can anybody tell me what the big deal is please?!

P.P.S - I did sneak in a random thrift shop and have a pretty amazing score to share with you.

Shirt - H&M (The Hubs - he wore it to the wedding the night before)
Boots - Aldo
(Stella is wearing her hippie-cool, older cousin's shirt as a dress)


  1. Love the cowboy chic look! Sorry to hear of your airport hell, been there- it sucks. Hopefully you get home safely! Thanks for the post.

  2. Thank you! Yes, it's the worst. If only you could see what I'm wearing now due to luggage missing... (Think, Grandpa's T-shirt and husband's shorts. And not in a cute way.)

  3. Cool traveler's outfit! I dig the cute cowboy vibe going on! Hope you get some serious rest, happy monday.

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. Love your outfit T AND your daughters :)))


  5. Aw vacations are fun but sometimes the best part is coming home. :) You both are looking so cute in your borrowed shirts!

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  6. I absolutely love this shirt)) Plaid is always a great idea))

  7. Stella is too cute! Love that little shirt/dress. Cannot wait to see what you ended up getting at ShopBelle! Also, your question about Dunkin Donuts... its the coffee. YUM. They now make it for the Keurig. Its not the same as going in to get it at the store, but a good substitute. xo

  8. I totally relate...nothing better than your own bed! Canada has it's own version of East-West coffee shop divide: Tim Horton's in the East and Starbucks out here. Not sure why that is either!

  9. So glad you had fun at the wedding and that you got some girl time...always a must! You look effortlessly beautiful, as always! So pretty!

    Liesl :)

  10. I really don't know what it is w the Dunkin guess is they ran a "special" on franchises one year..because you are so RIGHT..they are EVERYWHERE...and the coffee isn't even that great.
    Glad to hear you are ALMOST home safe and sound


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