MAD for Mad Men

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I know, I know, I know...

Everybody was posting over the weekend about this beloved nugget of orgasmic TV, and I'm just getting to it  now.  But give me a break.  I'm a new mother, just moved into a new house, and have my hands full with writing assignments.  So I had to tivo.  And let's just say... Mommy is not disappointed.

Are you more of a Betty?
Or a Joanie
Honestly, I'd die for either wardrobe, and WISH the women of our generation cared half as much to look like such "ladies" ~ Stay tuned for a lovely little side project with a glamorous friend of mine, a la Mad Mad Men. Yum!


  1. Oh, love that look on Betty! I think I'm definitely more of a Joanie, but I love all the styles on the show. I agree, I wish more women took inspiration from these ladies. And the men could certainly use to bring back the suit and fedora vibe as well!

  2. lookin so nice there
    I really want those kind of items :( can't find it

    with love

  3. :)
    I'm probably a Peggy, actually...a little shy and feeling my way around the world. And a hopeful career-woman.

  4. Oh, yes! How could I forget Peggy. She is looking really great this season...happier...more confident.

  5. I incorporated Don Draper into my post yesterday! Thanks so much for the comment.

    You have to check out my commentary on Simon Doonan's "Eat, Shop, Love" article in Bazaar; I died laughing. It's something every woman should read. XOXO V

  6. I love, LOVE Betty's style -- she always looks so ridiculously adorable and chic.
    It's my first time on your blog and I love it... Can't wait for more!
    xo Josie

  7. i just started watching mad men and i'm addicted. i think both ladies have incredible style, though i much prefer joan's confidence. she's fabulous.

    thanks for commenting on my wall on IFB.

    Vogue Gone Rogue


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