Inspiration Reverse/Topshop Mustard Tee or Thrift. You decide.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So, this is crazy and rarely (if ever!) happens. Usually I see something I like, then scour thrift to find the equivalent or my own interpretation of it. 
This time the opposite happened.
I nearly died when I found this 100% silk mustard top with the vintage price tags STILL on it. Died. 

It was $5. I had it dry cleaned for $4. A gorgeous, authentic, never worn silk top with just the right amount of shoulder pad for under $10 bucks.
Then, I was perusing Topshop and saw this.
I mean... is it not nearly identical?
I was feeling rather proud of myself for having a spot-on trend eye and not even realizing it.
(I may even like mine a little better! shhh...)

Shirt - thrift (get similar at Topshop!)
Jeans - Genetic denim (also seen here)
Vest (also seen
here)  and earrings - Forever21