Men's Jeans & Heart splatters

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I will confess (and have done so before) that I occasionally find an item of men's clothing that will work beautifully for my husband, as well myself! 
The hubs and I happen to be perfectly suited (in more ways than a pair of pants, thank you very much) because his size 32 waist is a perfectly belted baggy jean for me. (See tutorial on wearing your man's clothes here)
These are H&M but found via thrift, and I'm not sure if they were sold this way or someone Pollacked the bleach splatter themselves.
Either way, I thought they were rad and paid around $4 at my local Out of The Closet for them. 
I'm reminded of a time when I created and sold paint splattered/deconstructed denim at a tiny boutique in Hollywood.  The denim was a project with a partner, but I continued to work on shoes and bags myself. (See entire shoe story here)
Seems like a zillion years ago now, but my favorite part about the whole experience was literally creating walking canvased art. (And somewhere out there is a girl wearing a one of a kind denim skirt that I painted my whole heart upon...)