ZOUK Los Angeles

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So imagine you and your best friend, (who also happens to be your sister) live on different continents, (California & Australia) but several times a year you travel the world together, using your impeccable taste to collect one-of-a-kind home décor pieces, jewelry and clothing... and this is your job.
Now imagine that you're also Swedish, blonde, and gorgeous.

Imagining? Good. Now you have a little insight into what it's like to be sisters, Jenny Best and Katharina Tagliaferro ~ the owners and creators of Zouk Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to cover the opening of this eclectic little store and meet these two fabulous women (& all of their treasures) myself!
Upon arrival we were given our choice of these delightful & colorful thin wax bracelets, which in itself, was pretty indicative of the bright spectrum of eye candy ahead.
No sooner did we fill our faces with delectable tapas from around the world and crisp pinot grigio, were we whisked away into an oasis of beauty! Everywhere we turned we found another item to ooh and ahhh and lust after.
From art, to candles, to luxury towels that my friend and I actually thought were blankets!
 To what I'm pretty sure was the coolest damn bull hanging I've ever seen.
I was almost out the door when I spotted the most adorable little sweater I desperately wanted to take home to the monkey.
But what I loved most about this evening and these women in general, comes in the form of two very charitable hearts. 3% of all sales will be donated to the buyers choice of either amFAR, Doctors without Borders, Heal the Bay, OPCC, The Humane Society or WFP. Now that's something fabulous to get behind!

If you live in the area, do not hesitate to stop by. I promise you will be inspired!
Zouk Los Angeles
1311 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA

{I wore a satin backless dress (unknown) as a top, vintage slacks, leather jacket designed for me in a film and  Sam Edelman Novato Platform Pumps}


  1. Love your outfit and the store has such cool pieces..lucky girl!
    xxx DJ

  2. You look amazing in that outfit. And that place looks stunning!



  3. Great post, T! Way cool shop... I love that gold bull too (I have a huge one in my house, but it isn't gold)... love that cute little sweater too... you should get it for your lil monkey for sure ;)

    P.S. You looked stunning... chic with just the right amount of edge... so hot :)



  4. love this outfit, you look amazing! the trousers are a great shape



  5. You look amazing! I love this story...

  6. Looks fabulous! xx

  7. This is literally my favorite outfit of the fall on you thus far!! Beyond stunning. Work it lady!

  8. Your outfit is so unexpected :-)Love the mirrored cushion and the sweater.

  9. You in that breathtaking halter= not fair to the rest of us. lol.
    You look beautiful Tanya!
    Looks like an amazing evening.

  10. this looks very nice. and you look unbelievably beautiful and sexy!!


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