Retro curls with hot rollers

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi friends! Fan of the retro look? Wavy hair, red lips, all things feminine and girly? Me too! 
I get so many compliments and questions on how to achieve these retro curls when I wear my hair this way, that I thought I'd share! It's all about the hot rollers.
Rollers can actually create so many different styles, depending on how you roll your hair. I often just stick them in randomly all over my head to get a messy, wavy style. (I originally posted about that here.)
But I have found that with some careful placement, and the "direction" you roll the curl, retro is easy! 

  • The key is rolling "back" and tight in the front section, winding the ends around the curler completely.   
  • Do not remove the rollers until they are completely cooled. 
  • Once they are out, run a shine serum through and brush your hair neatly, keeping the curls tight and polished. 
  • Finish with a mist of hair spray to set the style.

I use these cheapo hot rollers from Target. They have lasted for years and are perfect for travel too! Good luck! Let me know if you try it! xx