Vintage Jacket + Zara Pants + Luxury Tee

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We've been having a few fabulously bright and sunny southern Cali days lately, which would normally piss me off. (It is the end of the world Christmas time, after all.) But instead, I've decided to go with it and dress for comfort, while still trying to be seasonally appropriate.

I love this vintage blazer I found a while back. I love the neutral colors, the weight and thickness of it and how it's shaped at the shoulders and waist. The pants are Zara that I found at a resale joint for... oh, about $15 bucks I think? They feel like pajama pants. (Dying to get the sequined ones in the same shape here!)

The tee is the only pricey piece in this outfit and I have to tell you something - it makes a difference. I'm a big bargain and vintage hunter, as you know, but you have to add in some luxury to keep it balanced. Luxury tee? Yes, this one by Twenty retails for over a $100 dollars. Did I pay that? No. But I just might. If I compare it to some of the cheapos in the closet, (sorry, Old Navy, you have a good one here) there is no contest. I've been wearing this baby non-stop.

Belt - Free People
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Faux Snakeskin Flats - Via Ideeli
Tee  - Twenty (similar version here)