Video Release Party for Mama P-Dog's "Imma Maid" on Funny or Die + Lisa Dempsey Makeup

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This is my girl, Priscilla. (Isn't she gorgeous? Tall blonde, mom rapper, wait for it...)
And this is my sis, Lisa. (Killer style, my best bud, makeup artist extraordinaire)...
Lisa is responsible for transforming Priscilla from bombshell to "Mama P-Dog"...
In the music video, as well as at the event.

Mama Dog rapped and ranted and thanked her crowd... Then we screened the official music video for "Imma Maid". (Currently killing it on Funny or Die!)

If you missed my post here, you may not know that Mama P-Dog invited me to sing back up for her debut track and perform in the video when I was close to 9 months pregnant! Which was fitting because, well, the song is about busting your butt as a parent. (Talk about working mom!)

It brought down the house! We had so many amazing supporters there and it was one of the most hilariously fun times I've had all year!
Make sure to check out the video, pass it along, and don't forget to vote on Funny or Die!

"Imma Maid" will soon be available to purchase on iTunes.