Natalie Morale's sparkly wrist cover for the Golden Globes

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well, tonight is the SAG Awards and I must admit, when award season comes around, I do miss acting a bit. It's such a sparkly time to dive into those little girl dreams of becoming a star, wearing that perfect dress... walking that crimson carpet. And even now, though my nights are spent watching from a cozy couch, all wrapped up in a different kind of dream, I can't help but feel so proud of some of my friends who have made it that far. Some friends who make those "dreamers" look and feel amazing.
Natalie Morales, news anchor for the Today Show, covered the Globes a couple of weeks ago with an injured hand. Her stylist originally made her a flesh tone cover for her unsightly cast, which was decorated with stones and serious bling. But while the cover was pretty, it just didn't go with Natalie's dress at all. Step in; my extremely talented friend, costume designer and wardrobe stylist for the Golden Globes, Sonia Woodfield.

Now, let me just back up to tell you that I met Sonia years ago when I was acting in a Sci Fi film, and I know first hand that this woman can work miracles. I have truly never met anyone who can whip up such crazy beautiful wardrobe pieces on sometimes crazy ridiculous time constraints. So I was not surprised when she told me how this cast cover (that has received amazing press and praise) was created on the fly! Sonia had just one day before the Globes to find the fabric and design something that would work! She searched high and low and found the perfect stretch lace fabric and tiny beaded detail that not only complimented Natalie's dress, but didn't distract from it, which was key. Sonia also made the decision to leave her casted thumb out of the wrap so that from afar, it just looked like a cool, fingerless glove. Genius. Shout out to my girl, "Sons" as I like to call her. You do amazing work!

Little trivia: Sonia also designed and handmade my wedding dress. You can see it here.

{Picture Today Show}