Blue waters, beach days and ending up where you belong...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I remember back when I was dating the wrong guy, he used to talk about how he wanted to buy a house in Venice Beach someday. At the time, the thought of living oceanside was so foreign to me and spending an afternoon there was enough. Not because it wasn't a beautiful idea, but because it wasn't my dream, it was his. Besides, I was perfectly happy dwelling with the hipster and actor crowd in Hollywood and Silverlake. 

I've never considered myself much of a beach girl, preferring winter and fall dressing and considering the perfect vacation spent bundled up for the snow. But life is funny. Here I am... with the right guy, at the right time... Surrounded by laughing babies and love and that kind of sunshiny warmth that only comes from family... and the things that truly matter. Somehow, I ended up right where I belong.