4 year old Princess Party {+Mommy wore this}

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello friends, Happy September!

As you know, both my kiddos had birthdays in August. Their actual birthdays are just three days apart, but I spaced them out so my little man could have his very own first birthday party and my little princess could celebrate with her little girlfriends, one year of growing beautifully more grown-up.

Because I spent so much time and man-hours doing a homemade bash for Bo, I decided to give myself a little bit of a break and throw Stella a tea party at a Dollhouse where they do the majority of the work for you. Stella had her own decorated throne and was seated amongst her princess guests for "tea" (pink lemonade) and jam sandwiches.

This place was a tiny tot's dream. A giant room of dresses to choose from, drawers full of jewels and shoes, a stage for modeling for the mommies and a personal "stylist" to do their hair and nails.

But the most special part for me, was instilling the importance of female friendship, sisterhood and forever memories in my little girl's heart. The hugs and giggles and smiles of pure joy and excitement from these angel babies was almost too much to take.

Of course mommy had to get in on the fun and dress the princess part. I found this dress at Target (avail here) and not only was it a steal for just $24.99, but so flirty and fun that another mommy attending went directly out to purchase it that day.

Dress - Target, Vintage Pearls

Daddy surprised miss Stella with her very first roses and my heart nearly exploded with love and gratitude for my life.

A very successful day and month despite some stressful moments along the way... but I'd do it over and over again to celebrate the most amazing people in my life... these tiny humans who call me mom.

(Maybe next year I'll throw their birthdays together and we'll go to Chuck E Cheese! Just kidding. As if!)

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