Street Style - cool girl layering

Friday, November 30, 2012

I snapped these shots from my car window one early morning while waiting in line at the Starbucks drive through. This chica was so adorable, I couldn't resist.

Seriously cool girls know how to make cold weather layering seem effortless. Let's break her look down here: (Click on items for ideas on where to buy, but you might already have this gear in your closet!)

Leggings or tights

Family Holiday Photo Looks - Wardrobe Planning

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scoring any good gift deals? Me too! Now on to the next order of business:

I have an amazingly talented friend (see her work here) who has been photographing our life together since day one. From my bachelorette party, to our wedding in Mexico, maternity shoots for both my pregnancies, and all family photos in between. I love her unique and stylized eye (no boring family Sears portraits for us!) and now that we've nailed down a day to capture us all together for the first time since little man arrived, the only thing I have to worry about is wardrobe!

Some ideas here: (Hope you find a little inspiration too!)

1. The Hip Family
Girl - H&M Jersey Satin Ruffle Dress
Woman - Zara striped dress
Man - AllSaints everything
Boy - Cherokee Tie 

2. The Sophisticated Ones
Girl - Harajuku Mini Tuxedo Dress
Woman - Black Halo Jackie O Dress
Man - Express Plaid shirt
Boy - Target Suspender Print Jumpsuit

3. The Classic Crew (with a twist!)
Girl - H&M Glittery Knit Dress
Woman - Piperlime Ponte Bow Dress 
Man - J Crew Cashmere Cable Sweater
Boy - (Now here's the twist!)
Southwest baby leggings by Thief and Bandit. (Ridiculously cool baby gear.)

4. The Fancy Fam
Girl - H&M
Woman - Calypso St. Barth Beaded Shift Dress
Man - JCrew English Wool Sport Coat 
Boy - Cherokee Ebony bow tie 

Digging through my closet ~ Back to work looks

Monday, November 26, 2012

I've been slowing easing back to work by doing some individual styling, even helped prep a last minute music video shoot - which was so much fun. Heading back into home design work part-time this week. Squeezing back into these red AA jeans was encouraging, but I still have a few post pregs pounds to shed. (Thanksgiving, you were not helpful in this department!)

It's so funny how much your body changes after baby. I have this amazing vintage dress that never quite fit right, but tried it on recently for an upcoming holiday party and it fits like a GLOVE now. I guess these extra curves can be good in some ways!

Digging through my closet and deciding what I'll be needing for wardrobe updates. Birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas coming my way... so hopefully husband, relatives and Santa will be generous. Pretty sure I'm going to hack all of my hair off soon. So ready for a change.

Weekend Wear

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend off. Our Thanksgiving feast was super mellow, so there are way too many leftovers in this house and not enough people to eat them. I've been loving the family time with my babies, especially since I'll be slowing easing back into work next week.

Currently digging through my closet and unpacking my cold weather goodies, trying to decide what to keep (this hat!) what to get rid of (pregnancy clothes!), what to sell (cashmere I never wear!) and what I need to ask Santa for (the list is too long, I'll get to that later)... Don't forget to shop locally today for Small Business Saturday.

Still full of food and love and on a holiday high,

T x

Black Friday Promo Codes

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ready to get your shop on? If you're like me, the thought of facing those insane crowds today is like a hot poker in the eye, so I've assembled a list of promo codes for my favorite online shopping sites! These will keep you out of the crowds, in those pj's, enjoying those Thanksgiving leftovers...

Dwell Studio -GOBBLE2012 - 20% off
Calypso St. Barth -THANKYOU25 - 25% off
{+ an extra 50% off sale!}
Zabars - 8861132 - 10% off housewares
Banana Republic - BRFRIDAY - 40% off
Jewelmint - BFGET50 - 50% off 

For you: Calypso Kelli Velvet Dress, for baby: Dwell Studio Vintage Blossom Pillow, for the boss: Banana Republic Molded Leather Phone Case, for the hostess: Zabars Bodum Chambord Coffee Press, for the best friend: JewelMint Joan of Arc Necklace, for him: Banana Republic Faux Fur Trapper hat 


Thursday, November 22, 2012

The word "thankful" doesn't even begin to express the gratitude I feel for the life that I am currently living. There was a time (not so long ago) when I closed my eyes and wished, wished, wished upon a million stars to be right where I am today. It's not always easy, it's not always pretty, but it's right where I always wanted to be: Home. 

I'm thankful for love.

For family.

And those carefree days I get to spend with my children while they are still small...

I'm thankful for good friends and good times...

A warm home and good food in our bellies.

The freedom to express my voice, thoughts and inspirations here...

And for all my lovely readers who just keep on reading...

With many thanks and gratitude, 

T xx

Transformative Beauty: Less is More

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's such a cliché. When I was younger I couldn't wait to grow up. Now that I'm older, I wish I could go back in time. I do. But only to wipe some of that makeup off of my face. 

It's funny how things change... and how great it is to have some wisdom stacked up behind me. Certainly, there's room to keep growing and learning, but one lesson I'm pretty sure I've nailed down is in the beauty department -- specifically, makeup. 

Now, this lesson didn't happen overnight. Oh, no. There were several adolescent instances of a super-smudgy eye look gone wrong. Layers upon layers of blush and lipstick. Lipliner, eyeliner, concealer lines, a literal rainbow of shades upon my lids. And most of the time, these heavy-handed tasks happened simultaneously. Yikes.

I used to think that if makeup could make a woman beautiful, then using it (and a lot of it!) could make me feel beautiful too. The truth is, not a product in the world can do that for us, ladies. It happens to be true what they say: Beauty does resonate, reverberate, and reflect from the inside out. So why not just accentuate what we have? And let's do it one feature at a time.

I have learned from trial and error that this is my best look. I looove me some bright lips. It suits me. It suits my wardrobe, my lifestyle -- and it makes me feel like myself. (A very feminine version of myself!) A flick of a cat-eye with liquid liner, coats of thickening mascara, and zero shadow let my lips do all the talking.

Focusing on one feature is key. A smoky eye is soooo sexy, and who doesn't want that? But my eyes will get lost in all that color if I don't choose the right shade, the right placement, the right amount. Learning how to do this was life changing. And learning that when I do rock a heavy eye, I need to keep those lips in the nude... well, that was the most important lesson of all. 

Big beauty moment that has changed your life? I'd love to know! xx

This post is part of BlogHer’s Transformative Beauty editorial series, made possible by Sonia Kashuk at Target.

Vintage Wolf Sweater

Monday, November 19, 2012

Early morning errands and (finally!) a crisp fall morning, had me reaching for this vintage fox sweater I found via thrift a while ago. I couldn't pass it up, it was so sweet, without a label sewn it, it looks like it could be hand made.

New House Inspiration - Bedrooms

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Well, we're off to do more house hunting today! As I mentioned before, it's a challenge to see through the mucky interiors of what's out there and visualize all that we can do with a space. But the decorating is the exciting part. And I'm getting excited!

On my mind...
This pic inspires on so many levels. I'm pretty sure I want a chandelier if I can convince the hubs. Absolutely love tufted beds. Something so regal and plush and divinely soft about them. I'm pretty sure when we make the plunge and buy a new (kings size!) bed, the Curate one I found (in this post here) might fit the bill exactly, with the marriage of wood and quilting.

I love the clean lines and symmetry in this bedroom. The dual mirrors, lamps, side tables and chairs. Feels deliciously balanced. 

I obviously lean towards grays and muted tones, but a pop of a color, like the pink here, makes all the difference when creating a unique bedroom.

I'm going to bring this pic in as a color swatch to have paint matched for our room. It's perfection. Light gray with lavender undertones. So chic, so calming, so perfect. The dresser is also so gorgeous and I've seen these antique remade rugs in person. They are patched together pieces that are dip-dyed. Divine. 

{All images sourced through Pinterest. See my bedroom Pinterest board here .}

A red beret ~ accessorizing

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I love finding ways to elevate a simple tee and jeans. This red beret is one of my favorite hats ever. I found it at a tiny boutique years ago and it's one of those items I get so excited about pulling out of storage every winter. I practically wear it all winter, every winter. (See November 2011 and November 2010 too.)

The velvet blazer was a hand-me-down that I had tailored to be a slimmer fit. The baubles are H&M from about two years ago. The necklace is SO faux, that I think it's fun. It's just sort of ridiculous. I always find a reason to want to wear it (like here and here and here too).

Although it's nice to build a jewelry box full of authentic gems, costume jewelry just makes me happy. You can get tacky and trendy and loud and spend next to nothing. Oh, and the gloves... remember when I found them here? Thrift store gems. They have tiny gold beads sewn into them.

Bigger than love

“♫ It’s bigger

than Love
than all the
it's dwarfing
the sun
burning within
my heart
and mind ♫”

Bigger Than Love
by Ben Gibbard

Date night ~ Isabella Oliver dress

Saturday, November 10, 2012

This dress was a gift and when I first laid eyes on it I thought there is no way I'm fitting my post baby bod into that thing! Then I tried it on. Then I did some research on the line... and let me tell you, ladies - Isabella Oliver is just what a woman in my condition needs. Fit and fabric and design that hits all the curves in all the right ways. It was a major confidence booster and I was so glad to have it for a rare date night out with the hubs. I only wish I knew about this line when I was pregnant! They have some gorgeous maternity wear, in addition to women's wear called Baukjen. (Lusting over this Every Day Maxi Dress here!) Whether you're pregs, post pregs, or simply needing something fantastic fitting, check out Isabella Oliver, you may just find a little confident booster yourself!

PS - I'm also wearing the Jockey Shapewear Shaping Tummy Short. Did you read my review and enter to win $100 here?

**Please note that this is not a sponsored post.

Rachel Zoe for Jockey Shapewear + $100 GC Giveaway!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Confession: I had never even considered shapewear before. Not once. I never really saw a need for it. That was...up until now: post-pregnancy baby bod. Suddenly the need is there. And it's there BIG TIME. Look, I'm so proud of what my body was able to accomplish in those glorious nine months. I'm so in love with the perfect little boy body that I somehow miraculously created from my own. But I'm ready to feel like myself again. I'm ready to feel fit, sexy, in control and into all that fabulous fashion again! I'm working hard at it. I'm dieting and exercising and I'm doing it the slow and steady, healthy way. But sometimes my impatience takes over and I just don't like how my clothes are fitting me yet. So I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Jockey shapewear! Come to mama (as I like to say)...
Rachel Zoe's "Major Must Haves" line from Jockey was created not only to smooth out those curves but to be stylish (like Ms. Zoe herself) and fabulously comfortable as well. Hands down, I am now a believer in shapewear, and I wanted to share my two favorite pieces!

The Strappy Tank: The second I put this baby on, I was sold. It's like your favorite layering tank but with a little secret -- it makes you look skinnier! The best part about this tank is the patented 3-panel design. It just makes sense. The center part is where you'll get all of the powerful smoothing control. The bust and just below the midriff section is all comfy, breathable cotton. The genius about this design is that it's not just about the shaping section; the cotton material that will be seen when layering with your clothes just looks like a basic tank top! (Now if only they came in several different colors...)

The Slip Shaper: Being so close to my goal weight, I was just dying to get into a form-fitting dress for a date night out with the hubs. This slip gave me that push and confidence I needed. It's perfect for that little black dress, or that sheer, wispy, flowy thing that needs a little coverage underneath. Who knew that what you're wearing underneath is just as important? Just like the Strappy Tank, the Slip Shaper lets your bust area breathe in light weight cotton while giving control to all the right places. The shaping is strong yet gentle (a.k.a. comfortable) in 360 degrees. That means all your angles are covered, ladies!
Rachel Zoe's Major Must Haves from Jockey are available now in major retailers, Jockey outlet stores, and on
Want to enter for a chance to win a $100 Jockey gift card so you can try all this yummy shapewear for yourself?
It's simple!

Tell me about a time when you wish you had been wearing shapewear.
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My Morning Routine

Monday, November 5, 2012

I always feel a bit better if I do these few simple steps in the morning. I've talked about my love of hot rollers here, it really is the easiest way to achieve pretty hair without the fuss. If I'm not tossing my hair up in a bun, I'm doing this! I just pop them in and let them heat while I swipe on a cat-eye, curl and coat mascara, concealer touch-ups where needed and some blush and lips. Done!

Thankful ~ My husband & My best friends

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Today is my gorgeous best friend, Jen's birthday. This also happens to be the week that the hubs and I will be celebrating four years of marriage. While looking through our wedding photos, I stumbled upon some snapshots of the night before the ceremony and was struck by just how lucky I am to have these three human beings in my life. 

My husband has given me more than I could have ever imagined would be mine. He has given me a family. He has given me real, surrounding, tangible, daily love. The kind that looks back at you with innocent eyes and tiny beating hearts and faces that combine ours. A family. My family. 

And my girls? Well, they've given me memories. Unforgettable, incredible times... and the kind of continued support that only a best friend can offer. You guys make me a better person. 

Happy anniversary, Happy birthday, and thank you for being my little sis who became my rock.

With love, 

T xx

{Photos by Karri Bowman}